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        來源:五百丁 作者:五百丁

        Basic information

          Name: xxx Date of birth: date

          Sex: Height: 1,60 m Marital status:

          National: ID Number:

          Account: the place of origin:

          Where the company is:

          Personal Summary: studious, able to bear hardships and stand hard, helpfulness, sense of responsibility, dedication, teamwork has a good spirit, the ability to work, and work seriously.

          Highest level of education: college

          Graduate school: The Professional:

          Certificate: accounting qualification certificates, qualification certificates Intermediate Accounting, Computer Intermediate Certificate

          Work experience:

          Contact Address:

          Contact Tel:

          The ability to work and expertise:

          I am a very responsible person, have a responsibility to do anything, and has formed an independent work and study habits. Now employed in well-motivated, has participated in the grid can be hard, and have some work experience.


          Professional knowledge and years of work experience and practical experience, I have accumulated a certain amount of work experience, and can work independently, good with people, team work and strong, energetic. Point your company for giving me the opportunity to first practice, I will take action and to prove to you, the only company to benefit from it. Aimed at training themselves, to their own platform for a show. The most important thing is the ability, I believe that your company will feel that I am a suitable candidate! Look forward to working with you face-to-face! The face of difficulties and then will use an optimistic attitude to deal with and face serious. Can bring benefits in the same time, I also hope that their work can be fun, learn more!


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